Boycott this site. Seriously.


Please let us know if we have forgotten credit.

This is the biggest joke. If you contact them asking to add credit, they’ll ignore you.

If you report your image on their site that they uploaded without permission, they will just post it again 2 weeks later. Their comments are full of people pointing out where they stole the images from, yet they never care to add a tag, a link, or even a name.

Having your images stolen and used without permission is not flattering. It’s insulting.

Sure, it’s nice that they like your stuff enough to upload it somewhere else, however, without credit, this is worth nothing. It’s completely disrespectful. 

I’ll give you an example:

My work, posted by myself on Tumblr: 2k Notes
Same work, posted by someone else on Tumblr: 9k Notes

My work, posted by myself on Tumblr: 150 Notes
Same work, uploaded on Facebook by someone else: 4k Likes, 200 Shares

What do we (the Cosplayer & I) get out of that? 
Nothing. Meanwhile, it’s perfect advertisement for the other party - without as much as a mention to the creators. This is not okay. Do NOT “like” these pages. Do not support inconsiderate assholes attentionwhoring with YOUR work. If you see your work reposted and nobody asked you for permission, report it. 

I know some people are grateful for the ‘exposure’, but they need to understand that there’s zero exposure in it for them if nobody made the effort of copypasting a source link, which takes all of 2 seconds to do.

Same thing goes for 9GAG obviously, who even have the audacity to slap watermarks onto YOUR work.  If you value your work and respect the work of others, don’t support this kind of behavior. 


ETA: They now sell ads on their FB site, which means our work is now used for commercial profit. 

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ladysarahkennedy sent: Hey~ I love ur Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro PV * u * keep up the good work and please do some more cool videos and cosplays :D thx u <3 I'm looking forward to see more of your masterpiece :)

thank you so much! I’ll be working on new stuff soon ♥

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Cosplayer Wanted

I’m looking for a Cosplayer for my next video project. Will you help me? ♥ I know there are Cosplayers from Germany on Tumblr and it’s an easy enough costume, so…

⚫ Character Information ⚫

Series: Jigoku Shoujo / Hell Girl

Character: Enma Ai

Age: 13

Outfit: Black Kimono*

⚫ Project Information ⚫

Type: Video

Length: ~5-10 Minutes

Filming Duration: 1-2 Days (for Main Character)

Location: Berlin, Germany

Compensation: None**

If you’re interested, please note me via ask box (I won’t publish it, so if you’ve got any questions please send them separately). You’ll need to travel to Berlin for 1-2 days.

* The pattern detailing on the Kimono is not necessary. It will be animated later.

** I can’t compensate you for material, time, or travel, but I offer a photo shoot in return. Costume/Outfit/theme of your choice, as long as I can do it.

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Preview for 夢見ることり/Dreaming Little Bird ♥
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♥ Works in Progress ♥
Dreaming Little Bird 夢見ることり (Vocaloid)
         Filmed 20%
D-City Rock (Panty &amp; Stocking with Garterbelt)
        Filmed, editing in progress 80%
♥ Upcoming projects ♥
Secret by Luka (Vocaloid)
Japanese Folklore Story (Semi-Cosplay)
Android stuff (Non-Cosplay)
Fetish (Non-Cosplay)
Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)
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